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Monster Hunter 3's Borboros creature and desert area detailed

Capcom provides latest look at Wii sequel.


Friday appears to be Capcom's preferred day for Monster Hunter 3 updates. Today, the company shared a look at another newcomer creature for part 3 and a new field of play. Both were previously introduced in print coverage of the game and can also be seen in previously issued trailers.

The new monster is Borboros, a desert beast whose lack of wings is balanced by powerful legs. It makes use of these legs and its hard head for thrust attacks.

Borboros, another newcomer creature for Monster Hunter 3.

Borboros likes to bury its whole body in the mud, an action referred to as "mud bathing." Doing this allows it to protect itself from the desert heat. Due to its nose being at its top, it can cover itself almost completely without suffocating.

Hunters have to beware a close approach to a mud bathing Borboros. The creature can shake off the mud, covering nearby hunters. The mud dries up, making movement difficult.

Borboros towers over the player after having sprung out of a mud bath.
Borboros shakes free its mud free, which then strikes the player. The mud makes it difficult for the player to move.

Borboros can be found in the new "Sunahara" desert area of play. This area has vast expanses of sand covered by scorching day light. However, players will also find some areas of vegetation, along with caves that can provide shelter from the heat.

The Sunahara includes some areas of vegetation.
Varied terrain and creatures await.
Players can take shelter from the heat by heading into caves. In the shot to the right, the player uses a torch to light the way.

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