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Final Fantasy XIII official site hints at upcoming trailer

Site sees first major update following opening.


Square Enix gave the official Final Fantasy XIII website its first major update today. The site went live on the 9th.

The big update of note is the start of a countdown to what will presumably be a trailer for the game. The countdown pops up when you press the "Trailer" button in the navigation section of the site and appears to be leading to an unveiling on the 29th.

Also notable for those who don't have access to Weekly Shounen Jump or Weekly Famitsu is a new character in the site's character section. Sazh Katzroy is the latest addition to the cast, which now includes four named characters. Sazh wields dual guns and cares for a baby chocobo. The site offers screenshots showing Sazh and Lightening together.

Also new at the site is a message from FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama. In the general notice, Toriyama says (translated from Japanese):

"Final Fantasy XIII is the story of the future world that is born of crystals.

"With visuals that people have yet to experience and a new battle system that offers cool battles, it's also the future form of RPGs.

"The door will open shortly. As that time approaches, the development staff as a whole is excited and is putting their best into Final Fantasy XIII.

Please look forward to the opening of the door to mythology with us."

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