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Japan's engineers favor Nintendo

Company takes top honors for future potential in Nikkei survey.


Nintendo's popularity amongst Japan's educated elite appears to be rising. In a survey asking engineers to name the company they'd most like to work at, the Kyoto gaming giant rose in rank from a similar survey held last year.

This year's survey was conducted online by Nikkei HR from November 11 through November 25. The survey targeted engineers and reached 502 people. Nikkei BP passed on the results last week.

Responding to the question of where they'd most like to work, Toyota took top place this year, with Honda Motor taking second. The two positions were reversed last year.

Nintendo came in fourth this year, just behind Panasonic. Following these two were Canon and Sony. Last year, the order had Canon in third, followed by Sony, Panasonic, and Nintendo.

Nintendo also placed highly in individual image categories. In the area of quality of products and services, it shared the top spot with Panasonic. In the category of future potential, Nintendo took the top spot, beating out Toyota, Panasonic, Sony, and Intel in that order.

The full survey results can be seen at the Nikkei BP Tech-on site in both Japanese and English.

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