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Family Trainer tops a million in worldwide sales

Wii sports variety game sees most success in North America.

An image of Family Trainer, distributed by Bandai Namco.

Taiko Drum Master isn't the only Bandai Namco franchise going platinum. Joining the announcement of that franchise's success on the DS, Bandai Namco also announced late last week that its Wii Family Trainer Athletic World sports variety game has topped the million mark in sales as well.

The sales feat came some time this month, and unlike the Taiko Drum Master announcement, which was limited to domestic shipments, was a worldwide event. In fact, most of the game's sales have come from North America. The full split has Japan at one 140,000, Europe at 320,000, and North America at 320,000 units.

Family Trainer was released to Japan in May of last year, with the North American and European releases following in September.

This isn't the first Family series title to see success on the Wii. Bandai Namco previously announced in December of last year that Family Ski had reached the million mark in sales. That title also saw a similar sales ratio across all territories.

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