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Chunichi Dragons mascot Doala gets Wii game

Players get chance to interact with popular mascot


The Hochi Shimbun reports today that Chunichi Dragons mascot character Doala will be getting his very own game. The new title, Doala de Wii, will hit the Wii in April at 4,800 yen. The sports site did not specify a publisher.

Doala, who's based off a koala, is a popular mascot in the world of professional Japanese baseball. Although a member of the Chunichi Dragons since 1994, the character saw a surge in popularity last year, resulting in photo collection books, DVDs, and commercial appearances.

According to the Hochi report, the game adaptation will feature a main part in which interact with Doala, as well as mini-games in which players can increase the character's animation patterns.

Hochi appears to have learned this from insiders at the Dragons team. Those insiders told the paper that the game's content will be irresistible to fans of the character.

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