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I support Pole's Big Adventure.

Here's the proof:



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Sega has started up one of those blog banner campaigns for the game, and the above images are all the banners that are currently available. You can get the requisite code, available in both javascript and standard HTML, by checking out the Pole's Big Adventure official site.

Also available at the site is a movie section. From top to bottom, the movies on that page are "Introduction to how to play," "Promotion movie", and "Play movie with commentary." The last one is nearly 8 minutes in length and has commentary from producer Takao Miyoshi as he plays the game (the first thing he says, by the way, is that he's going to the bathroom).

The commentary video is apparently just the first of two parts, which means that the game is at the very least 16 minutes in length.

This is definitely my most wanted WiiWare game. I want to get my 1,000 WiiPoints back from Crystal Defenders so that I can buy two copies of Pole.

Here are some screens that Sega distributed to the Japanese press earlier this week.

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