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Mari Yaguchi thinks she's Final Fantasy XIII's Vanille

I'd tend to agree.


Just at a glance, who does this look like to you?

If you answered Mari Yaguchi, you're a smart ass, and I want you to close your browser and destroy your computer.

If you answered "pig-tail girl" (or her real name, Oerba Dia Vanille), step forward and bend over to collect your prize.

Pointedness of eyes aside, there's no denying that Mari does indeed resemble this:

[end_preview /]

I didn't notice the resemblance on my own. I was actually reading up on Japanese game news and came upon a site linking to a post at Mari's blog in which the talent (or "tarento" as retards on Wikipedia call it) says that during an interview with Famitsu, she discovered the resemblance.

(As a side note, this appears to suggest that Mari will appear in an upcoming issue of Famitsu. Which in turn means that I'll be able to do a feature on her for an upcoming Gaming Life in Japan column at IGN!)

Mari was a member of Morning Musume right about the time that I came to Japan. I thought for sure that she must be hella young, but in doing research for this article (yes, even shit articles like this require a bit of searching around on the internets), I found that she's 26 years old!

This means I can say things like "I'd hit it" without fear of prosecution.

Mari, by the way, says that she's extremely happy about the resemblance. To be honest, though, I'm pretty sure any resemblance is lost when Mari does away with the pigtails and when you see how short she is. I hope Vanille is taller so that our parts will line up.

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