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Bandai Namco shuffles executives

Shin Unozawa to become CEO of Bandai Namco Games


Bandai Namco Holdings announced today a major executive shuffling to be implemented at the start of the new fiscal year this April.

Starting April 1, current Bandai Namco Holdings CEO Takeo Takasu will take on the role of Chairman, Representative Director. Current Bandai Namco Games CEO Shukuo Ishikawa will become Bandai Namco Holdings President and CEO, Representative Director. Taking over the ranks as President and CEO at Bandai Namco Games will be current vice president and frequent company spokesperson Shin Unozawa.

As reason for the changes to the Bandai Namco Holdings upper brass, a statement from the firm noted that it hopes to expand its management and business by switching from a current solo Representative Director system to a dual system. The Chairman side of the duo will oversee overall group operations under a long term vision, while the CEO will implement mid-range policies and have general control of the business.

Other changes to the Bandai Namco Group executive family include retiring board members and new position names for business operation leads in overseas territories.

Bandai Namco Holdings also finalized plans today to merge its Bandai Namco Games and Bandai Networks operations. Bandai Namco Games will retain its current name and absorb Bandai Networks into its fold. Bandai Networks currently handles mobile contents, web contents, e-commerce and other network services.

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