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White Knight Chronicles second add-on quest announced

New content hits tomorrow; more on the way.


Sony is following up quickly on White Knight Chronicles' download contents lineup. Following the first round, released on the 15th, the company announced today plans for a second round, to be available tomorrow.

As with the first round, the second round consists of one new quest. Titled "Futatsu no Hougeki" (unofficially, "Two Bombardments"). Also like the first quest download, the new quest is for the game's online "Live Part." Your goal this time is to defeat an army of wizards who've invaded the land of Frandal. Clearing the quest will earn players some high rank equipment.

Screenshots from the new round of download content.

To take part in this quest, players will want to be at level 46 or up and will need to have guild rank of 9 or higher.

Additional quest downloads will follow, Sony also said today.

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