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Capcom details Street Fighter IV modes

Home version to feature network mode on top of standard versus, arcade, and training modes.


Capcom shared today details on some of the modes of play it's working into the home release of Street Fighter IV.

Typical of an arcade to home fighter, SFIV will offer versus, training, survival and gallery modes, among others. Also, as previously announced, the game will offer a variety of network combat modes.

Here's a partial list of modes as detailed by Capcom

Versus Mode
Players can face off against a second player or against a CPU character of their choice. This mode also supports CPU vs CPU matches. Players can set match number, maximum time, and even specify handicaps. Following the match, players can chose to play the same fight again or select new fighters.
Arcade Mode
As previously detailed, SFIV's arcade mode will support online play. By setting a certain option, players can open themselves up to challenges from online players. The system searches for live opponents in the background as you play against CPU opponents, then automatically switches you to an online fight once a live opponent has been found.
Training Mode
In this mode, players can set their opponent to perform certain moves or maintain certain positions like guarding and jumping. The game can also be made to display your button inputs and various bits of data about your combos.
Challenge Mode
This mode is split into three modes: time attack, survival, and trial. Time Attack has you attempt to clear a stage in a limited time. Survival has you attempt to battle CPU opponents using a limited life bar. Trial requires that you perform specific skills.
As you play SFIV, you'll unlock a variety of items, including in-game videos, special trailers, illustrations, and more. These are viewable in the gallery mode.
In the options mode, you can make button assignments, adjust sound, and position life and super combo gauges.
Network mode
This is referred to as either Xbox Live Battle Mode or Network Battle Mode depending on your console of choice. Here, players can face off against live opponents via online play. Players can create a lobby, setting round count, battle time, and language. Those just wanting to join in on someone else's lobby can select a quick match to quickly find a lobby, or specify specific conditions for a lobby.
Status Edit Mode
Here you can set up your icon and other profile features for use in network fights. These profile items are added to your collection as you play the game. This mode also allows you to set up conditions for online arcade challenges, including round count and rank match or play match. Only the former match type is compatible with network rankings.
Player Data
This mode allows you to view records, including character usage rates and earned medals. You can also view rankings from the network battle mode.
The main character select screen for SFIV.
The 360 main menu screen to the left, with the same PS3 screen to the right. There are only a few small differences between the two versions.
Training mode (left) and gallery mode (right).
Setting up arcade mode for online challenges (left), then receiving an online challenge.

Based off screenshots issued today by Capcom, the Xbox 360 version of the game also has an Xbox Live Marketplace mode. It's presumable that this will lead to some form of Marketplace download content.

Players who are debating a purchase of either the PS3 or Xbox 360 version should note that the two titles are not compatible with one-another. Online battles and rankings are specific for each system.

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