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Tera Box shares Doala de Wii details

Wii title featuring Dragon's mascot set for April.


Tera Box shared today first official details on Doala de Wii. News of the game first broke yesterday through the online edition of sports paper Hochi Sports.

As detailed yesterday, Doala de Wii is a new game being built around the popular Chunichi Dragons mascot character Doala. Hochi reported yesterday that the game would feature mini games and interaction with the character.

The main mode of play, Doala's Room, offers players a chance to interact with the Doala character using the Wiimote. Connected to this mode, the game includes a Doala-chan Neru mode in which players take part in a number of mini-games themed around Doala's activities as the Dragons' mascot and around baseball in general. Performing well in this mode will unlock new motion patterns for the Doala's Room mode.

The game also includes a "Secret Album" mode in which you can unlock movies and photos of the character and also customize your very own Doala with special motions.

The Doala's Room mode.
Minigames in the Doala-chan Neru mode.
Various animation patterns for Doala.

Set to be published by newcomer publisher Tera Box, Doala de Wii will arrive on April 2 at a price of 4,800 yen.

The publisher opened up an official site for the game yesterday. The site includes a promotional movie set to the theme song "Watakushi Doala Desu" ("I am Doala").

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