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Square Enix starts pre orders for FFXIII PS3 demo bundles

But you'll have to be high class enough.


Looking to get yourself one of those nifty Cloud Black PS3 units bundled with FFVII Advent Children Complete and the Final Fantasy XIII demo? Then head on over to this page at Square Enix's e-commerce site, where pre-orders (actually pre-pre orders -- you're reserving a time to put your money down) have commenced!

I checked out the site, and I learned three things.

1. Seeing gorgeous Square Enix CG stills almost makes me forget how horrible Advent Children is.

2. I do not actually qualify to pre-order the product just yet.

[end_preview /]

It turns out that Square Enix has opened up pre-orders exclusively for Square Enix Members. But not just any members. From today (starting at 13:00) to the 30th at 23:59, only Ultimate Members will be able to pre-order Gold Members will be able to join in for the second pre-order phase, from 2/2 at 13:00 to 2/5 at 23:59. Silver Members will be able to join in for phase 3, from 2/6 at 13:00 to 2/8 at 23:59.

There's actually another class in the rigidly structured world of Square Enix fandom: Bronze. I presume I fall under this group, although I unfortunately can't check because (and this is the third thing that I learned at the site) I don't remember my Square Enix Members login information.

Even if I am a Bronze Member, it doesn't matter too much, as the pre-order start date for this lowest class of fan hasn't been set.

(By the way, I may be the lowest class amongst Square Enix Members, but among Indians, I'm in the highest class.)

In case you've forgotten, the limited edition bundle costs 49,980 yen. Included is a 160 gigabyte Cloud Black PS3, a copy of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete, and a Final Fantasy XIII demo along with trailers for Versus XIII and Agito XIII consisting of "new high resolution footage" (this is what the reservation page says).

I'm going to probably skip out on the special PS3 and go with just Advent Children and the FFXIII demo.

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