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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers trailer partially translated

Goggle guy's name is... (maybe)...


Perhaps you've seen that new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers trailer that was included with the Wii version of Echoes of Time? If not, check out YouTube or IGNWii (I put up a reasonably high quality 16x9 version at IGNWii).

After the lengthy battle sequence with the ho-down music (please let that be the actual music. I need a reason to put on a cowboy hat while I fight those giant cactuses!), there's a long sequence of story scenes. It's hard to figure out some of the stuff without context, but here's just a bit of what's said. Some of this is guesswork either because of a lack of context or because I couldn't hear what was being saying, so please don't quote me... err, please don't quote my quotes.

[end_preview /]

1:00 - As the dude with the goggles falls to the ground, some guy shouts out, "Who the hell are you?" The goggle guy responds, "I'm an escort (security guard). You called?"

1:05 - As the girl runs away, someone shouts "Restrain her!" The goggle guy, no longer with his goggles on, takes out some baddie, and someone says, "He's a Bearer!" The guy says, "And if so?". I'm not sure how to translate what the kid on the bench says.

1:20 - After the dude says "Crystal Bearer," goggle guy says "Take this!" then shoots out a giant log, which the other dude appears to intercept and use to strike an enemy.

1:26 - I think the girl is saying something like "We were able to trust him." To which the dude with the glasses (with what appear to be shade flaps -- ha!) says something like, "It's dangerous, isn't it."

1:30 - I'm not sure how to translate the female voice's first two lines. But when the camera zooms in on the crystal, she says something to the effect of, "Everything in the world is made in accordance with the Crystals."

2:21 - Goggle guy, goggles now on, says "Leave it to me." Then, someone shouts out his name and presses him to "Respond!"

I think goggle guy is named either Degu or Deru or Dale. It's kinda hard to here the exact name. I hope it's Dale. I once knew a Dale. We used to play Leisure Suit Larry together.

Closing off the trailer, as goggle guy shouts out "YAHOO!" and leaps away, someone shouts "Crystal Bearer!"

After whitey says "The Crystal Baerers," Goggle guy -- or maybe Dale -- drops in on some other dude and says "This time, it's over."

The chick in front says "No. It's the beginning."

Cue the Wii logo, in case you didn't know that Crystal Bearers is a Wii game.

The Crystal Bearers trailer is no Final Fantasy XIII trailer, but it certainly has its charms. I'd suggest you check it out. Do it now!

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