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Famitsu.com shares Hero 30 trailer

No gameplay, but lots of pixely sprites.


A trailer for Marvelous Entertainment's new PSP game Hero 30 is supposed to hit the PlayStation Store on the 30th. But those bastards at Famitsu got the clip in advance, and have posted it here:

There's a lot of English in the trailer.

"Will this war ever end?"

"The 500-year long struggle between humans and the Demon Kings..."

"The clock is ticking."

The door opens to reveal...

[end_preview /]

... pixely sprites and a flat SNES-style map!


The English continues,

"The Demon Kings have started casting their final spell."

"We have 30 seconds left."

The trailer then proceeds to introduce the four modes of play. First, Hero 30, referred to as a "Super High-speed 'Hero' RPG." Then, Demon King 30, referred to as "Evil Extinction 'Demon King' RTS." Next, Queen 30, referred to as "Super High-speed 'Queen' Shooting." Finally, Knight 30, referred to (not sure about this one) as "Facing Death 'Knight' Action."

(I'm seriously not sure about that last one, so don't quote me on it).

There's not a single drop of gameplay in the trailer, but it's certainly exciting, and worth your bandwidth (assuming your bandwidth is free).

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