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DQIX's "Planned Wi-Fi Connection" Support Potentially Revealed

And the big online feature is...


I don't know if you have access to Famitsu or not, but if you've ever seen a preview of Dragon Quest IX in the magazine, you might have noticed that the little info box on the game always notes that Wi-Fi Connection support is planned.

The identity of that planned support appears to have been revealed -- or at least hinted at. Check out this story on the main channel for the big hint that Square Enix shared today. At the very bottom of the article is a blurb that the company included with its latest update on DQIX detailing the game's treasure map system. The blurb is a strong hint that DQIX will be expandable with download content.

Which would, of course, qualify nicely as the planned Wi-Fi Connection support.

I imagine downloadable quests, avatar items and even treasure maps could be on the way. I also imagine that it will all be free, because I don't think the Dragon Quest crowd would actually pay for download content (the Kingdom Hearts crowd, on the other hand, is different story entirely).

Square Enix will presumably share details next week or the week after, so we can hopefully expect Famitsu's information box to change accordingly.

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