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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Site Opens

I do not approve of this movie, but I do approve of this trailer.


Hey everyone, look -- I'm writing about a product I despise simply because I know the words Final and Fantasy combined with the roman numeral VII gets the hits. I'm a sellout. I'm terrible.

But not as terrible as Final Fantasy VII Advent Children!

Square Enix opened up an official website for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete. Like the movie? Hate the movie? Square Enix's servers don't seem capable of telling, so feel free to head on over either way.

There's actually something worth seeing at the site, though -- a trailer. It's not the best Advent Children trailer I've ever seen, but it's still pretty damn neat.

Yes, while the Advent Children movie is garbage, Advent Children trailers are always inspiring.

You can view the trailer under the "trailer" section of the site.

[end_preview /]

The "specs" section of the site lists everything we already know. 126 minutes, color (I really wish they'd stop listing this on movies), Dolby True HD, Japanese subtitles, English and Japanese voice-overs, 16x9 aspect ratio, and a big fat "other" next to the OVA and Advent Children trailer bonus content.

Wouldn't it be neat if the "other" included that Final Fantasy VII PS3 demo running in realtime on the PS3 and you could play it all the way through to the section where the opening base blows up just like in that original FFVII demo that included a copy of Tobal No.1? That would be neat.

Finally, there's the "FFXIII" section. It just links to the main FFXIII site. Boring! Unless you haven't viewed the FFXIII trailer yet, in which case you really ought to go there now (although it appears that a 1080p version of the trailer is floating around, so if you've got the equipment, definitely view that!)

Oh, by the way. At the end of the trailer, you'll see this:

It's notice for On the Way to a Smile, a telling of the story between FFVII and Advent Children, as written by Kazushige Nojima. In addition to the already-released Tifa and Denzel chapters, it will include newly written chapters for Barret (previously unreleased in Japan), Yufi, Turks, Red XIII, and more. A release for this is set simultaneous with Advent Children Complete.

I won't watch that atrocity of a movie, but reading a FFVII book might be kinda trippy, so I might try that.

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