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Mario Tennis tops Media Create sales chart for second week

Fragile debuts at second.


Nintendo's "Wii-make" version of Mario Tennis GC topped Media Create's sales chart for the second week in a row in what proved to be overall a slow week for game sales. Meanwhile, hardware sales continued to fall post holiday season.


For the week covering January 19 through January 25, Play on the Wii Mario Tennis GC (Nintendo, Wii) retained top rank with 31,593 units. The title has sold roughly 88,000 units over two weeks. The original GameCube version managed lifetime sales of around 407,000 units back in 2004.

Fragile (Bandai Namco, Wii) saw its debut this week with 26,055 units. It just barely beat Taiko Drum Master Wii (Bandai Namco, Wii), which took another 25,543 units for total sales of around 317,000 units. Taiko was recently in the news with Bandai Namco's announcement that the two DS entries in the series had crossed the million mark in combined domestic sales.

Another newbie came in at fourth as Zill O'll 〜infinite plus〜 (Koei, PSP) debuted at 25,488 units. A PSP port of a PS2 adventure game, Zill O'll Infinite Plus adds new characters and scenarios. The title was originally scheduled for a Christmas Day release but was pushed back in early December to the January 22 date.

The rest of the top ten was all older games. The PSP the Best version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Capcom, PSP) sold 25,437 units this week, for total sales of roughly 357,000 units. Following this were Rhythm Heaven (Nintendo, Wii) at 20,503 units, Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii) at 19,569 units, Dissidia Final Fantasy (Square Enix, PSP) at 18,462 units, Devil Survivor (Atlus, DS) at 18,260 units, and Wagamama Fashion Girl's Mode (Nintendo, DS) at 17,403.

Other debuts this week included Left 4 Dead (Electronic Arts, Xbox 360) at 12, Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekkdou (Kadokawa Shoten, Wii) at 13, Monster Racer (Koei, DS) at 34, Prince of Persia (Ubisoft, PS3) at 41, and WWE SmackDown vs Raw (THQ Japan, PS3) at 49.

Media Create made particular note of Left 4 Dead. Its 17,000 units represented 86.29% of its total shipment. Media Create suggests that the release of a limited demo might have helped the game sell.

Also notable was the PS3 version of Prince of Persia. The 360 version was released first, on 12/18, but did not place in the top 50 despite a commercial advertising campaign.

Zill O'll 〜infinite plus〜 (left) and Suzumiya Haruhi (Right). The Suzumiya Haruhi series will be seeing another Wii installment from Sega shortly.

This week's hardware race saw the positions remain the same once again, but with sales reductions across the board.

In the portable race, DSi topped the charts with 51,618 units, but this was down from last week's 62,525 units. PSP sold 38,280 units, down from last week's 42,559 units. DS Lite fell from 18,809 units to 13,686.

On the console side of things, Wii was number one with 26,770 units, besting out the PS3's 17,708 and the Xbox 360's 7,663 units. These were down, respectively, from last week's 32,333, 20,690, and 9,576 units.

This week's top 10 sold 940,943 units, according to Media Create. This was 84.2% of last week.

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