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Capcom wants your Dead Rising questions

Five questions to be passed along to the producers.


Got any lingering questions about the Wii version of Dead Rising?

Well don't ask me, ask these guys:

[end_preview /]

The Dead Rising official blog, "Deadora-tai ga Iku!" (I think that can be translated as "The Dead Rising Battalion Goes" ... although I'm not sure where) is now accepting questions from readers. A handful of these questions will be passed along to the Wii version's producers, apparently by the rowdy-looking bunch pictured above.

Here are a few new screenshots to give you some ideas for questions:

If you're like me, you're probably thinking about asking why the Wii version of the game looks so shitty. But you probably shouldn't do that.

Also, you should probably ask a question only if it's in Japanese. This is a promotion for the Japanese version of the game, after all.

Here are English translations of some of the sample questions suggested by Capcom:

  • What kind of moves does the zombie poodle have?
  • How do you use the Wiimote?
  • Where there any difficulties in development

Questions are being taken in the comment field of this post at the blog until February 6. Five questions will be chosen and the answers will be posted on the 13th.

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