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DoDonPachi and Death Smiles dated

Xbox 360 shooters hit in February and April


It's unclear if this is a coincidence, but two upcoming Xbox 360 shooters both received final release dates today. Fans of the classic genre can now mark their calendars with permanent red for DoDonPachi and Death Smiles.

DoDonPachi comes first. Published by 5pb, and fully titled Dodonpachi Daioujou Black Label X, the arcade to 360 port will arrive on February 19. Pricing is set at 6,800 yen.

Death Smiles, published by Cave, will follow on April 23. Pricing for this is set at 7,140 yen for a standard version and 9,240 yen for a special first run limited edition that includes an arranged soundtrack CD and comes in a special box.

Both Death Smiles and DoDonPachi are updated versions of their original arcade material. As a sampling of their new features, DoDonPachi adds in a new X Mode that's designed for beginners, with Death Smiles offering improved visuals.

The Death Smiles standard edition (left) and first run limited edition (right).
Screens of the Xbox 360 version of Death Smiles.
Older screenshots of the 360 version of DoDonPachi.

Cave also issued today a couple of reminders about products related to the Death Smiles release. As announced during a Microsoft shooting event late last year, Death Smiles will see download content that equips it with characters and stages from the updated Death Smiles Mega Black Label arcade release. Pricing and a distribution date for this update will be announced later. Hori will be releasing a Death Smiles spec joystick that features artwork from the game. Priced at 14,800 yen, this product will be sold exclusively through Amazon.co.jp and will be available simultaneously with the game.

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