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Koei asks players to guess the general to win Musou Orochi Z

Promotion celebrating release of PS3 entry in series.


If you're familiar with your Chinese lore, you could win yourself a copy of Musou Orochi Z. Koei kicked off a release commemoration campaign for the game today that asks players to guess the identity of a new character. All those who get the character right will be entered into a drawing for one of 30 free copies of the game.

Players must make their guess based off a silhouette version of the character's artwork. As a clue, Koei only reveals that the character appears in Saiyuuki.

The mystery character.

For further details, including submission instructions, see Koei's official campaign site.

Musou Orochi Z is the latest entry in the series that has been localized in Western markets as Warriors Orochi. This first PS3 entry in the series features 96 playable characters. In story mode, players have access to all scenarios from PS2's Musou Orochi and Musou Orochi Maou Sairin. The game's dramatic mode adds 12 additional scenarios along with new events.

Warriors Orochi Z screenshots

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