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Sega shares final round of bonus codes for Sakatsuku

Unlock Kunishige Kamamoto and Yasuhiko Okudera


Sega updated the Sakatsuku DS Touch and Direct official site today with the last in a series of bonus codes. The codes, which can be found under the Features section of the site, unlock special items and players.

A total of 31 bonus codes are included in this latest update. Most notable are codes that unlock two legendary players, Kunishige Kamamoto and Yasuhiko Okudera. Other items include a Platinum Scout Room and Latest FW Coach Lab, both of which can be used to build up a powerful team.

The code input screen (left). Kamamoto (center) and Okudera (right).

To input the codes, players should head to the "settings" section of the office screen. The bonus code input option is below the option for saving and ending the game.

Not including this update, Sega has offered 6 rounds of bonus codes, totaling 47 codes.

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