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Killzone 2 domestic release date set

April release to be preceded by two demos.

Killzone 2 artwork, distributed today by Sony.

Just as Killzone 2 begins to see its first reviews from international media, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan shared final release plans for the game in Japan. Domestically, Killzone 2 will arrive on April 23 carrying a price point of 6,980 yen. This release will trail the North American and European versions by a couple of months.

Killzone 2 is a followup to the 2004's Killzone and 2006's Killzone Liberation, released for, respectively, the PS2 and PSP. While the original was given a domestic release through Sega in 2005, Liberation never saw release over here.

A first person shooter like the PS2 original, Killzone 2 became one of the centerpieces of the PlayStation 3 lineup following trailer footage shown at 2005's Electronics Entertainment Expo trade event. Overseas reviews have praised the game's visuals and its support for 32 player online play.

The Japanese version's release will be preceded by two demos. The first, set for release in the middle of March, will offer a sampling of the campaign mode's prologue section. The second demo, set for the latter half of March, will offer an online sampler.

An early scene from Killzone 2, showing Japanese text.

Coinciding with today's announcement, SCEJ opened up an early official site for the game, detailing the story, online battle mode and advanced AI. The site also offers a collection of screenshots, some showing Japanese language text.

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