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Monster Hunter Banquet returns just in time for Valentines Day!

I know where I'll be taking my lady friend.


Looking for that perfect place to take your lady-friend on Valentines Day? Put down that issue of Hot Pepper and open up that e-mail box labeled "junk mail and press releases from Capcom." I did just that today, and saw this:

That's right! The Monster Hunter Banquet is back, baby, and this time it's infused with the power of G! You know, the same G that made Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G sell way more copies than Monster Hunter Portable 2nd.

[end_preview /]

As detailed in this story, the original Monster Hunter Banquet was held in early August 2008. A collaboration between Monster Hunter and karaoke restaurant chain Pasela, the promotion decks out Pasela shops in Monster Hunter stylings.

It also decks out the Pasela menu with food items like the above.

This year's installment of the banquet, which now has the "G" attached to its name, will be held at all Karaoke Pasela shops, offering a similar Monster Hunter themed menu. Joining the giant 400 gram onigiri and giant slab of well-cooked meat pictured above will be new items like "Old Dragon's Blood" and "Royal Knights Afternoon Tea."

The main event is at Pasela Resorts Grande Shibuya. From February 13 through March 1, the shop's interior will look a little something like this:

As you can see, the campaign has a winter image this time around.

I'll be there on the 14th, singing a lovely ballad to my lady as we dine on well cooked meat and whatever that yellow stuff in the flask is.

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