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Capcom revives Monster Hunter X Pasela promotion

Hunters' Banquet G to be held later this month.


Capcom is reviving last summer's Monster Hunter X Pasela promotion for a second go this year. The company shared details today on the Hunters' Banquet G event, which is being held just ahead of the March 11 fifth birthday of the Monster Hunter series.

As with the summer Hunters' Banquet event (the "G" was not a part of the title for that debut installment), this new event is a tie-up between Monster Hunter and Pasela Resorts karaoke restaurants. From February 13 through March 11, select Pasela shops in Tokyo will offer a special menu themed around Monster Hunter. Some items, including "well-cooked meat" and a particularly large onigiri are returning from last year's event. They will be joined by new menu items which are said to currently be under development.

The Pasela Resort Grande space in Shibuya is getting special treatment. From February 13 through March 1, this shop's restaurant space will be decked out in the theme of a snowy mountain. It will also offer the special menu items along with a goods sales corner featuring new goods.

From Hunters' Banquet to Hunters' Banquet G.
To the left, an image of the main Shibuya event space. To the right, samples of the special menu items.

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