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Blood of Bahamut weapon naming winners announced

Square Enix selects favorite fan submissions and also shares latest promotional video.


Square Enix announced today the results of a weapon naming contest it it recently staged for Blood of Bahamut. The company also made available the latest promotional movie for the game.

Older screens of Blood of Bahamut. In this DS title, players team up in fours to battle giant beasts.

As detailed in mid December, this particular campaign offered members of the Square Enix Members community site a chance to name three weapons based off images and descriptions of the weapons. Following the January 4 close of the contest, Square Enix staff selected the best names.

A total of 5,000 submissions were made. From these, Square Enix chose the following: Ketsumei Kenkai (for Ibuki's sword), Grakies Zoa (for Kamo's axe), and Sun of Grace (for Yui's staff). These name were created by, respectively, Rubedo, Aldo, and illy.

Square Enix also announced that, due to the unexpected number of submissions, it has decided to use six additional submissions as names for different weapons: Shiguzal, Triumph, Samurai, Akedori, Garugantes, and Sharakuda. Players will need to check the game to see where these additional weapon names are used.

For a look at the weapons along with Japanese introductions by their creators, see the Blood of Bahamut special site off the Square Enix Members site. This page is also now home to the Blood of Bahamut Jump Festa 2009 promotion movie. The full page can be seen without registration.

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