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Capcom details Monster Hunter G weapons

Sample weapons in advance on training quests.


Capcom shared today its latest look at the Wii version of Monster Hunter G, offering details on the weapons that hunters will likely find useful on their hunts.

Just like in the original PS2 version of Monster Hunter G, players will find two broad types of weapons: swordsman types and gunner types. The former includes great sword, sword and shield, dual sword, hammer, and lance. The latter includes light bowgun and heavy bowgun.

The seven Monster Hunter G weapon types: from left to right, great sword, sword and shield, hammer, lance, dual sword, light bowgun and heavy bowgun.

Players will find a few changes to the weapons for the Wii version of G. Great swords, for instance, have a new charge attack.

As with the original, players can take materials and zeni (the Monster Hunter world's version of money) to a weapons factory or weapons shop to create variations of the above basic weapon types and also fortify their current weapons.

Great Sword, showing the new charge move.
Sword and shield
Dual Sword

Before heading out for the hunt, players can get a bit of practice in at a training grounds. This mode offers short quests with prescribed weapons and items. Clear the quests, and you receive special coins and tickets as rewards. These quests offer chances to obtain items and materials that cannot be found on standard quests.

The training grounds mode

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