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It begins...

Dragon Quest promotional flags spotted.


Check out what I saw while walking around the Buya today.

That's right, It looks like 7-11 has started up pre-orders for Dragon Quest IX. Either that, or Japan has dramatically altered its flag, replacing the rising sun symbol with Toriyama artwork.

I personally don't know why anyone would buy the game at 7-11 when:

1. They charge full MSRP

2. You don't get any points back

3. Unless you're really lucky they probably won't give you the game in advance.

I would imagine that the people who do purchase their games at convenience stores are the ultra mainstream group that make the world suck. DQIX, with the possibility of three million sales almost instantly, will likely sell to a large number of these people.

As a side note, it was actually Square Enix and the now defunct Digicube that started off the whole convenience store video game distribution thing back in the early PlayStation era.

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