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Dragon Quest IX job change system detailed

Square Enix introduces DQIX's first two advanced jobs.


Square Enix's latest update on Dragon Quest IX came early this week. The company shared today a look at a couple of new jobs for the game along with a method for changing your current job.

Players can change their current job by heading to a shrine known as Dharma's Shrine and speaking to the Priest Dharma.

When changing to a previously unused job, a character will restart at level 0 and at the job's default parameter level. Job changes will also, in general, require that players seek out new equipment, as usable equipment generally differs between jobs.

A job's level and parameter values are preserved across multiple job changes. If, for instance, you start with a Warrior at level 32, then change jobs for the first time to a Mage, the character will start off as a level 0 Mage. If you then change the character back to a Warrior, the character will start as a level 32 Warrior.

Skills and Spells are affected differently by job changes. Spells are job-specific, so a spell that your character memorized as one job will not be usable when the character changes to a new job. Special skills that you've memorized do carry over, however, as do skill points. Square Enix notes that one of the points about customization is determining how to combine skills with jobs.

To the left, players learn the requirements for becoming a Battle Mage. To the center, a display of a character's current level in all jobs. To the right, a character mentions some sort of mysterious training system.
Here, switching from a warrior to a thief starts your character all the way at level 1.
Making use of cross-job skills.

Players can expect to put the job change system to use when trying to access DQIX's advanced jobs. Square Enix introduced two such jobs today, Paladin and Battle Mage. Unlike the previously detailed Warrior, Mage, Monk, Martial Artist, Thief, and Traveling Actor, these can only be changed into once you've reached a certain level in other jobs.

Judging by screenshots handed out by Square Enix today, it appears that players can become a Battle Mage once they've attained level 20 in both Warrior and Mage jobs. The conditions for Paladin are currently a mystery.

Another requirement for changing into an advanced job is "training." Details on the game's training system were not shared today.

Square Enix notes that there are more advanced jobs besides these two. These will presumably be revealed in a future update ahead of DQIX's March 26 release.

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