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Microsoft offers Star Ocean 4 faceplates to 360 buyers

Faceplate to be handed to buyers at retail.


Microsoft is giving players some incentive to pick up a new Xbox 360 for Star Ocean 4's release later this month. The company detailed today a present campaign that gives a Star Ocean 4 Original Faceplate to those who purchase a 360 and a copy of the game.

The campaign will run while supplies last starting February 19, Star Ocean 4's release date. Buyers of both Star Ocean 4 and a 360 hardware unit will get the face plate handed to them at the point of purchase.

Any current in-release model of the 360 qualifies for the promotion. The exception is the Xbox 360 Arcade Star Ocean 4 Premium Pack, which already includes the face plate.

The bonus faceplate item.

Microsoft has opened up a special page detailing the campaign and showing off the new faceplate

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