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Square Enix plans Star Ocean 4 arranged soundtrack

Second soundtrack set for April.


Motoi Sakuraba fans listen up! Square Enix has a Star Ocean 4 arranged soundtrack on the way, and the renowned composer is handling the arrangements!

Team Entertainment announced today the Star Ocean 4 The Last Hope Arrange Soundtrack. Set for release on April 8, this soundtrack will feature arranged versions of the music from the upcoming Xbox 360 RPG. Sakuraba, who worked on the game's soundtrack, is heading up the arrangement work.

Pricing for the soundtrack is set at 3,150 yen. For a closer look see Team Entertainment's official site.

Those who enjoy the Star Ocean 4 aural experience have a few additional ways to hear the music apart from the game. As previously detailed, Square Enix is bundling a fan and staff-selected music sampler as a pre-order bonus for the game. Square Enix itself will also be publishing a three disc original soundtrack for the game on March 18. This will be priced at 3,800 yen.

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