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Iwata Q&A: Wii Storage

Nintendo still has plans for that darn storage solution


Here's another summary from the Satoru Iwata Q&A at the Nintendo investor relations site.

This one is pretty short, but pretty big, I think.

A reporter asked Iwata when we can expect Nintendo to implement its campaign to give 500 WiiPoints to players who connect online with the Wii. This was announced at a press conference late last year (I believe the one where the DSi was announced).

Iwata explained that, although he can't give a clear time period, Nintendo is planning this Spring to offer a system update that takes care of the Wii's unsufficient memory storage problem (using SD cards). Nintendo plans on implementing this campaign around that time.

I'm pretty sure the Spring time frame for the storage solution was also announced previously, but it's good to hear that it's still on the way, especially since I had to erase a bunch of games to download Pole's Big Adventure (which is a surprisingly large download for something with 8-bit visuals).

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