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Iwata Q&A English Edition Get!

See Iwata's long-winded responses in full!


Nintendo has finally gotten around to putting up an English language version of the Iwata Q&A. While I summarized a bunch of the responses a couple of days back, you can now see Iwata's statements in full here:

I did I quick summary for IGN, so I was looking closely for stuff of particular pertinence to the American market. And I found it. Iwata said that the DSi would definitely be priced more than the DS Lite over in America. So, I was like, well that's no biggie... the DSi is priced more than the DS Lite here too! But, it turns out, over in America, the DS Lite was priced the same as the DS Fat.

There's another question in there that I didn't originally notice about Nintendo's US operations. It appears that Nintendo now has a branch in Redwood City, down in good old Silicone Valley:

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