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Ryu ga Gotoku ties up with suntan salon

In game and real world promotions with Hiyake Salon Sole


The promotions keep on coming for Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3). Today, Sega unveiled a new tie-up with Sunrise Japan involving Hiyake Salon Sole suntan salons.

Typical for Ryu ga Gotoku 3 promotions, this collaboration will go two ways. In the game, players will find signs for Sole tanning salons. Outside of the game, Sole shops will offer two types of special limited time pre-paid cards featuring Ryu ga Gotoku designs. These cards are required to use the shop's tanning machines. A general dragon design will feature on a 10,000 yen card, with a 20,000 yen card sporting a design based off main character Kazuma Kiryu.

As with previously announced promotions, Sole shops will also display a special Ryu ga Gotoku 3 promotional poster. By scanning in the QR code on this poster, interested parties will be able to download a special cell phone wallpaper.

The promotional campaign will be held from February 13 through March 15.

The in-game version of the tie-up.
To the left, the promotional poster. To the right, the two pre-paid cards.

According to details handed out by Sega, Hiyake Salon Sole directly runs 33 suntan salons throughout Japan. It also runs a franchise business through 29 nationwide shops. The campaign will run at all 62 shops.

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