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Taito shares Bubble Bobble Wii details

WiiWare release planned for next week, download content in tow.


Following up on an announcement in last week's Famitsu, Taito has begun sharing official details on Bubble Bobble Wii.

This WiiWare version of the classic franchise will be available for download starting February 10. Pricing is set at 800 WiiPoints.

Players will have immediate access to 100 standard maps which recreate the arcade game, along with 100 arranged maps which are playable by up to four players. The game will also include a ranking mode, allowing for players throughout the world to take part in Wi-Fi rankings.

Bubble Bobble Wii screenshots, released today by Taito.

Taito will also be offering paid download content for the game. Two maps will be available initially: Expert Map 1, focusing on high-speed enemies, and expert Map 2, focusing on fast currents and a large number of enemies with flying items. These packs will contain 50 stages and one boss each, and will be priced individually at 200 WiiPoints.

The shop interface and the download packs, Expert Map 1 (left) Expert Map 2 (right).

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