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Capcom details new Monster Hunter products

New menu items on the way for upcoming Pasela tie-up.


Following up on Friday's announcement of Hunters' Banquet G, Capcom returned today with further details on this latest Monster Hunter promotion.

As detailed on Friday, Hunters' Banquet G is a promotional tie-up between Monster Hunter and Pasela Resort karaoke restaurants. From February 13 through March 11, select Pasela shops will offer a special Monster Hunter themed menu. Of particular note is the Pasela Resort Grande in Shibuya, which will have a specialized interior and will sell original goods.

Today, Capcom shared a few look at some of the new menu items. They include:

Meraru Honey Toast
This desert is based off Pasela's popular Honey Toast item and is themed around Monster Hunter's Meraru character.
Phantom Beast Cheese Quatro Pizza
This pizza is based off an actual item from Monster Hunter.
Old Dragon's Blood
An alcoholic beverage for adult hunters
Ice Crystal Strawberry Milk
A softdrink
The four newly announced Monster Hunter consumables.

Joining the menu items, Capcom detailed some of the goods that will be sold at the Shibuya event. Items include a mug cup, a hand towel, a tote bag, an apron, a rice bowl, and a pair of chopsticks. The former four have images of the series' poster Airu character.

Monster Hunter goods that will be sold at the Shibuya event.

These promotions will be joined by a stamp rally campaign and a present campaign for those who purchase items from the Monster Hunter menu.

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