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Street Fighter IV to see post-release Championship Mode update

Capcom details secrets and more for home conversion.


Street Fighter IV will see some major updates following its February 12 release, Capcom revealed today. The company unveiled today the game's upcoming Championship Mode update and also provided details on what's waiting to be unlocked on the game disc from the start.

At some undisclosed point following release, Capcom will provide an update patch that adds a "Championship Mode" mode of play to the game's network play. This mode offers tournament-style multiplayer play. Players can take part in Championship Mode both from network-based lobbies and via the online matches fought through arcade mode.

Top players will see some major honors for their efforts. Top replay data for the matches of top players will be uploaded to Capcom's servers and become viewable by all.

Championship Mode -- coming to SFIV via a future update.

Outside of future patches, players also appear to have a good amount to look forward to on the SFIV disc itself. While Capcom has revealed the identities of all characters, including the six characters that are new for the home version, players will have access from the start exclusively to the arcade version's 16 playable characters. The six new additions and Akuma, Goken and Seth, the latter three unplayable in the arcade, will be hidden away at the start, waiting to be unlocked by clearing the game.

Players will also be able to unlock new colors and taunts. These, along with a winning comment, are selectable after choosing your warrior from the character selection screen.

Taunts and colors, waiting to be unlocked in SFIV.
Selecting costume, color, appeal and victory comment at the character select screen. Costumes can be obtained via paid costume packs.
The arcade version's unplayable characters are playable in the home version, but have to be unlocked.

Word of the Championship Mode was first revealed on Friday in Weekly Famitsu. The magazine also shared domestic pricing information for SFIV's previously announced download costume packs.

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