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Street Fighter IV Commercial: Xbox 360 Edition

Penguins too...


You might have seen Capcom's Street Fighter IV commercial. But have you seen it in Xbox 360 clothing?

Check it out here:


[end_preview /]

That sweet little theme song in the background is The Next Door from Exile. You should be able to find an English version by inputting relevant search terms into the search engine of your choice.

I love the SFIV conceptual artwork, so this commercial goes over well with me. I'm a bit disappointed, however, that Microsoft didn't manage to get the 19,980 price tag notice in there like they have in the Star Ocean 4 ads.

About the 360 branding, it's pretty common here for multiplatform games to get such system-branded commercials. There's probably a PS3 version airing too, but I just haven't seen it yet.

Now, while I have your attention, here's a commercial for Konami's penguin game.


Go-pen-asai. Ha ha ha ha ha.

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