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Gundam Musou 2 gets Valentines Day scenario update

Final scenario update for Dynasty Warriors and Gundam crossover.


There's both good and bad news today for players who've been anticipating more download content for Gundam Musou 2. Bandai Namco shared details today on the upcoming third download scenario phase for the game. The bad news is that this will be the last scenario update for the game.

Set for release on February 12, this third and final phase will, like previous phases, consist of five scenarios. They are as follows:

Ai no Valentine (Love Valentine)
A mission surrounding Valentines Day. Players will have to protect their ally as best as possible in order to both give and receive a lot of chocolate.
Ki wo Nukenai
In this mission, your goal is to destroy all enemy command units in a given time limit. The command unit appears after you've destroyed 100 standard units, and is accompanied by a time boost. Clear this mission, and you get a license for Gundam Mr-II.
Sentaoku no Toki (Selection Time)
Two enemy forces are waging battle. The player has to select to be a part of one of the forces and defeat the other.
True Gundam Musou 2: Ground/Space Chapters
In these two missions, players face off against ace pilots. By clearing the mission, you'll earn their respect. The missionss require that players have cleared the "Densetsu e no Chousen," "Ikkitousen" and "Kizuna wo Chikara ni" missions prior to being played.

As with past scenario packs, this final one will be available for free. Only PS3 and Xbox 360 players will be able to make the download.

The selection screen for the new download scenarios.
Ai no Valentine
Ki wo Nukenai
Selection Time
True Gundam Musou 2

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