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Sega planning Shining Force Feather raffle event

Players can win cushion featuring game's heroine.


Shining Force Feather's February 19 release date is approaching, and Sega appears to be kicking the game's promotions into high gear. The company shared details today on a Tokyo and Osaka launch drawing event that will offer lucky players prizes that include a rare cushion featuring the game's heroine.

Similar in structure to past Sega raffle events, the Shining Force Feather event will require that players purchase their copy of the game at select stores and take their receipt to a raffle location. For Tokyo, the raffle location is Akihabara GIGO. The Osaka location is Softmap Nanba Zaurus 1. Compatible shops in Tokyo include most major retailers in the Akihabara area. Osaka shops are limited to two: Softmap Naba and Softmap Nihonbashi 2.

The top prize for the drawing is a special cushion featuring Al-fin, the robotic heroine of Shining Force Feather. Other prizes, in order of highest to lowest rank, include a script signed by the voice staff, a photo illustration panel, and a mini clear file.

The Al-Fin cushion
From left to right, the signed script, the photo illustration panel, and the mini clear file.
Shining Force Feather screens, distributed today by Sega.

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