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Hero 30 Official Site to be updated with movies and mini-games

Marvelous gives glimpse at upcoming promotional plans.


Marvelous Entertainment shared today a preview of its upcoming web-based promotional plans for Hero 30.

The company will be updating the game's official site tomorrow (February 10) with a gameplay movie. This movie is apparently being offered in response to doubts raised by players about the game's premise of being cleared in 30 seconds.

Wallpapers are on the way for the game as well. Set to be distributed tomorrow via PlayStation Store and retail PlayStation Spot kiosks are three Hero 30 wallpapers. Marvelous refers to this as just the first batch, suggesting that more will be on the way.

Finally, in line with the game's 30 second theme, Marvelous will be updating the official site with a mini game. The game, titled "30 Second Diagnosis: Today's Demon King" has players count down 30 seconds using their own internal clocks. Those who get close to a near-exact 30 second result will receive a special Demon King wallpaper.

Hero 30 screenshots and artwork, distributed today by Marvelous.

Hero 30 (in proper Japanese, Yuusha 30) is a unique PSP title that promises to offer short 30 second gameplay experiences in four genres: RPGs, shooters, strategy, and action. The game is set for release some time this year.

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