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Chocobo Racing joins Game Archives

Four classic PlayStation titles available for download.


Sony shared today its first of two February updates to the Game Archive service. PSP and PS3 owners now have access to four PlayStation classics, including Square Enix's Chocobo Racing.

The four titles are as follows:

Lunar Wing: Toki wo Koeta Seisen
A love-themed strategy RPG in which players take part in battles using the game's Active Time Simulation battle system while attempting to earn the affection of bishojo characters.
Fish Eyes II
The second entry in the Fish Eyes series offers players a chance at fishing for 70 fish in lakes and rivers throughout the world. The Game Archive version is not compatible with PocketStation or the Tsuri-con fishing controller.
Chocobo Racing: Genkai he no Road
This racer features characters from the Final Fantasy and Chocobo series. Players make use of ability and magic to beat their opponents. When played on the PSP, the Game Archives version is single player only.
Kula Quest
This action puzzle game was created in Sweden and has players roll a ball through a maze in search of an exit. The game offers over 150 stages. When played on the PSP, the Game Archives version is single player only.

All titles carry the standard Game Archives price of 600 yen.

Lunar Wings
Kula Quest
Chocobo Racing
Fish Eyes II

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