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Q readies Lumines Super Nova expansion pack

Twenty classic skins from PSP Lumines to be updated to HD and 5.1

Classic PSP stages return in HD.

Q Entertainment announced today plans for an expansion pack to supplement Lumines Super Nova with new stages.

The Lumines Super Nova Classic Pack includes 20 new "skins" (this is the term the game uses to describe its stages). The "classic" is in the name because these skins are pulled from the original PSP Lumines.

In an English language statement coinciding with the announcement, Lumines series producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi said, "All skins have been fully updated with beautiful HD graphics and pumping 5.1 sound. This is a perfect package for fans of the original Lumines and also players who are new to the series."

Pricing and an exact date were not announced today. As for Lumines Super Nova, the PS3 version of Q Entertainment's debut puzzler is available now on the PlayStation Store at 1,500 yen.

Screenshots from Lumines Super Nova Classic Pack, distributed today by Q.

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