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DSi tops 1.5 million mark -- Enterbrain

January sees focus on older titles.

Mario Tennis GC, January's top selling new release.

The DSi was the number one selling game system in January, making it three months in a row at the top for the redesign. Mainichi.jp reported this today citing January sales data from Enterbrain covering the four week period from December 29 through January 25.

Nintendo sold 390,000 DSi units over the month. The system has crossed the 1.5 million mark and now stands at 1.67 million.

In software, Dissidia Final Fantasy took the top spot for the second month in a row, selling an additional 186,000 units this month for a total of 847,000 units since launch.

January's software sales were focused on older titles. The top selling new release for the month was the Play on Wii remake of Mario Tennis GC, which sold 86,000 units and placed 14th in overall monthly sales.

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