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PSP, Idol Master SP connect with Home

Items and Home Rewards for upcoming PSP title.


Sony's PlayStation Home service will be seeing support not just from PS3 titles, but from PSP titles as well. Gpara reveals today that Bandai Namco's Idol Master SP will be featured as part of a few tie-up campaigns with the virtual world.

Home connectivity for the game will kick off on the 12th. Bandai Namco's Carrot and Play Max virtual spaces will be updated on this day with Idol Master visual themes and Idol Master items. These items can be used throughout the Home virtual space.

Home Reward support is also on the way. Players will earn Home Reward items as they progress through Idol Master SP. This feature will, of course, not be accessible until the 19th, when the game sees PSP release.

Idol Master SP is the latest entry in Bandai Namco's popular idol-raising simulation series that started off in arcades and went on to see two entries on the Xbox 360. The PSP version is being released across three SKUs, each with its own set of idols to produce.

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