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Tales of the World Valentines Day content hits today

Chocolate shields and other items available.


Bandai Namco unveiled today the first set of download content for Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2. Included are a couple of Valentines Day goods.

The Valentines Day goods come in the form of items that players can receive by taking part in a special EX Attack trial. EX Attack trials see players attempt to earn as much experience as possible in a set time limit. Players can see how they stack up via network rankings.

This particular EX Attack trial is titled "Valentines." The top 100 performers in the trial will win a special heart-shaped "honmei" chocolate shield along with a mask. All participants will earn a standard bar-style "giri" chocolate and a t-shirt. The required key for taking part in this event was made available at 10:00 today and will be accessible until 10:00 on the 19th.

The EX Mode briefing for this Valentines Day event.
The four bonus items for taking part in or placing in the top ranks of the EX Attack trial.

Today's update also includes a couple of free download items: Soul Costume and Queen of Heart. These are available as of today at 10:00 and have no expiration date.

(left) Soul Costume and (right) Queen of Heart.

To access this content, players will simply have to boot up their copy of the game and select the EXTRA mode from the title screen.

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