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Reason behind general creepiness of Idol Master Home Avatars determined

They're masks! MASKS!!!


Were you creeped out by the Haruka Home avatar pictured at Gpara.com the other day?

So was I. But I've at long last finally figured out why this...

... ends up looking like this...

... when turned into a PlayStation Home avatar.

As revealed at the Idol Master official website yesterday, the Haruka avatar is actually...

[end_preview /]

... just a mask.


The Idol Master PlayStation Home content went live yesterday. I was busy writing about Dragon Quest IX delays and their effects on Final Fantasy XIII, so I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. And because I utterly despise Home, I probably won't ever check it out.

For those who are interested, the Home content for Idol Master, as detailed at the Idol Master site, includes Idol Master canned beverages that will be given away via the vending machines in the Bandai Namco virtual space. A few lucky (?) players will get, instead of beverages, Haruka masks, shirts, skirts, and boots... hopefully not all together because then you'd end up with the above.

The Idol Master site also reveals that Idol Master SP will support Ad-Hoc Party from day one. Players will be able to go through their PS3 in order to meet other Idol Master players, give clothing and accessory presents, and take part in competitive auditions. Now this is PS3 connectivity I can appreciate!

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