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Resident Evil 5 demo downloads top 2 million

Over half of Japanese Gold Members make the download.


Coinciding with a report on an upcoming domestic commercial campaign for the Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil 5, Microsoft shared today a few notable figures concerning the game's demo.

The Resident Evil 5 has topped the two million mark in worldwide downloads, Microsoft said. This demo, which includes samplings of both solo and co-op play, was released late last year and, until recently, was available on a download basis exclusively to the Xbox 360 platform. The two million figure was reached in early February.

Looking just at Japan, the demo was downloaded by 53% of Xbox Live Gold Members, Microsoft said. The demo was unlocked for Silver Members in late January.

The promotions for RE5 aren't over yet. Microsoft also delivered notice today of the arrival of a new trailer for the game. Xbox Live users, both Silver and Gold, can access the trailer now.

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