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Friend card for Final Fantasy X's Wakka appears in Dissidia Final Fantasy

Square Enix's password program reaches round 8.


Square Enix is continuing apace with Dissidia Final Fantasy passwords. For round 8, the company shared codes that unlock two friend cards.

As always, friend cards offer players a chance to face off against powerful ghost data who make use of equipment that would be difficult to get in the main game. Although not released as part of today's update, some passwords unlock recipes, which can be used to create rare items.

For today's update, the code "WRKA3KUMKRA" can be used to unlock a friend card for Final Fantasy X's Wakka character. This card gives players a Sphere item. The code "6C6M6E6G6A6" unlocks the monster Omega and the item "Omega no Kunshou." Final Fantasy fans will recognize these two from past titles.

Screens of this latest Dissidia password update.

The passwords can be input into Dissidia by selecting the friend card settings section of the game's wireless mode.

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