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Square Enix opens SaGa 2 developer blog

Wallpaper downloads accompany update.

The DS version of SaGa 2.

Things went silent on the DS remake of SaGa 2 Hihou Densetsu following its mid-January announcement. But today, Square Enix at long last gave the game's official site an update.

Those looking forward to the remake can now show their support through three newly available wallpapers. These are available in the Download section of the site.

Also new to the site is a developer blog titled Renkei Shippai 2 (roughly "Consecutive Failure. 2," although the first word could also taken to be "combo" or "chain"). In the blog's first entry, writer "R-tsun" promises that future updates will feature special SaGa 2 information that cannot be read anywhere else, including behind-the-scenes information that cannot be revealed in magazines. Development staff will also appear at the site.

The header of the new blog.

As previously announced, the DS remake of SaGa 2 (the original was known in the Western world as Final Fantasy Legend II) offers a host of improvements, including 3D cell shaded visuals, optional stylus-based controls, wireless play of some form, and updated gameplay systems. A release is planned for Spring.

Older screenshots of the DS remake.

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