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Soul Calibur costumes for Tales of the World

Or why I need to pay more attention...


Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 players (with PSP games, I'd normally add in here some snide remark like "All 3 of them," but ToW is actually selling quite well) have access to their first set of download content as of the 12th. You probably know this if you've been keeping up with the latest in Japanese game news on the main channel, which posted this story on that day.

The big item in this update initially appeared to me to be a couple of chocolate shield items in celebration of Valentine's Day. How could you not want to use this in battle:

I was so impressed that i wrote a blog entry about them. See it here.

But, it turns out, while the chocolate shields are certainly cool, the real items of note are these:

[end_preview /]

Those are Soul Calibur costumes, folks! That's Taki to the left, and Kilik to the right.

Crossover costumes are my favorite type of download content, so this revelation makes me very happy -- even more happy than chocolate shields.

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